Grow big beautiful houseplants with less work 🪴

Self watering planters designed to grow plants soil-free.

Easy watering, no guesswork needed.

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Self watering planters designed to grow houseplants soil-free

Wavyleaf planters are designed to work with soil alternatives like LECA, Pon, pumice and perlite.

Faster growth and bigger plants 🌱

LECA’s unique structure has better aeration compared to soil, allowing your plant's roots to access more oxygen.

This promotes healthy root development and results in bigger and faster growing plants.

Check out the difference in growth for Alocasias and String of Hearts.

Eliminate watering guesswork 💧

Ever forgotten to water your plant? Or killed a plant from overwatering?

With LECA the guesswork is gone. Just check there's water in the pot for the clay pellets to absorb, and watch your plants thrive.

The Hydropot's easy-to-read water level indicator allows for easy monitoring, no need to check inside the pot.

Save time and water less 😅

Because the Hydropot absorbs water from the bottom, it doesn't lose as much water through evaporation.

This means you don't have to water it as often as you would with soil.

Our planter waters your plants for up to 2 weeks, allowing you to go on a trip worry-free, and without the need to arrange for someone to care for your plants.

Say goodbye to pests ✌️

Soilless mediums reduce pest issues by eliminating the nutrients that pests depend on.

By using a soil-free medium like LECA, you can naturally avoid pests without using pesticides.

Save yourself the mess ✨

Soil can be messy and difficult to manage, particularly when repotting. Who wants to vacuum soil out of their carpet?

LECA is easy to manage and clean up, making it the perfect solution for indoor plants.

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How do wavyleaf planters work?

Simply add your plant and LECA into the clear pot and fill up the reservoir with water and nutrients. LECA is designed to wick up water as your plant needs it, drawing it up through the clay and into the roots.

This ensures that your plant is never over or under-watered, and always receives the nutrients it needs to thrive.

As your plant uses up the water in the reservoir the indicator will gradually lower. Once it reaches the bottom it’s time for a refill!