It's March 2020, and I'm trapped in lockdown abyss, also known as my parents' basement.

It's at this point that I decided to buy a crispy wave fern to rescue me from work-from-home despair. 

After some neglect crispy wave got a little ~too~ crispy. With a heavy heart I said goodbye to my first houseplant.

I liked having plants but wasn't good at staying on top of the watering. This got me wondering... was there an easier way to take care of plants?

After a few google searches I learned about a method called "semi-hydroponics" where houseplants are grown without soil.

I tried this method and quickly fell in love with it. I knew exactly when to water, and my plants were thriving. The only issue was I couldn't find products for this type of growing.

Through a lot of trial and error I created a planter that worked great without soil. This planter became the Hydropot, the most useful tool I've found for soil-free growing.

I hope you find it useful too.

 - Derek

RIP Crispy Wave 💔
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