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What is semi-hydroponics?

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil. Its quickly becoming popular for growing food because of its ability to produce healthier and faster-growing plants compared to traditional soil-based growing. However, hydroponics tends to be complex and expensive, requiring pumps, tubes, and wires, which can make it an impractical choice for houseplants.

What is semi-hydroponics?

Semi-hydroponics (also known as passive hydroponics) is a simpler and more affordable alternative that involves growing plants in a soilless medium and allowing nutrient-rich water to soak up into the plant roots from the bottom of the container. With no complex equipment required, such as pumps, tubes, or electricity, semi-hydro is the perfect option for growing houseplants at home.

What’s the benefit of semi-hydroponics?

The main benefit of semi-hydro is that it saves time by reducing watering frequency. Thanks to water reservoirs, plants in semi-hydro can simply help themselves to the water they need. Plus, this growing method reduces the risk of pests, promotes better plant growth, and conserves water compared to traditional soil-based growing.

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