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LECA Pot | Hydropot Tall

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The self watering planter designed for LECA and Pon 🪴

• Keeps plants watered for up to 3 weeks (vs. 2 weeks with Hydropot Original)
• The perfect planter for soil-free growing mediums like LECA, Lechuza Pon, Perlite and Pumice
• Easy to read water level indicator so you never forget to water
• Helps plants grow faster and bigger due to extra root aeration
• Reduces risk of soil borne pests

• Option to purchase with no inner: outer is compatible with plastic deli / liter containers
• Also offered in a 3-pack

What's included:
• Outer self watering planter, with water level indicator
• Clear inner (unless "no inner" option selected)

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• Our planters are 3D printed with PLA, a type of thermoplastic that is derived from plant materials like corn, beets and wheat grass. PLA is 100% biodegradable and compostable.
• Because the planters are 3D printed there are often small surface imperfections.
• We aim to produce planters with minimal imperfections and only ship planters that we would be proud to plant in ourselves.

• Inner Diameter: 4"
• Inner Height: 5.5"
• Outer Diameter: 5.5"
• Outer Height: 5.75"

How it works:
- Simply add your plant and soil-free growing medium (such as LECA) into the clear pot and fill up the reservoir with water and nutrients.
- LECA is designed to wick up water and nutrients as your plant needs them, drawing them up through the clay pellets and into the roots. This ensures that your plant is never over or under-watered, and always receives the nutrients it needs to thrive.
- As your plant uses up the water and nutrients in the reservoir, the indicator will gradually lower. Once the indicator reaches the bottom it’s time for a refill!

Why grow without soil:
• Faster growth & bigger plants: LECA’s unique structure has better aeration compared to soil, allowing your plant's roots to access more oxygen. This promotes healthy root development and often results in bigger & faster growing plants.
• Eliminate watering guesswork: Have you ever forgotten to water your plant? Or killed a plant from overwatering? With soil-free mediums like LECA the guesswork is gone. Just check there's water in the pot for the clay balls to absorb, and watch your plants thrive. The Hydropot's easy-to-read water level indicator allows for easy monitoring, no need to check inside the pot.
• Say goodbye to pests: Fungus gnats and other pests thrive in soil because it provides a humid and nutrient-rich environment for them to live. Switching to LECA reduces pest issues by eliminating the nutrients that pests depend on. By using a soilless medium, like LECA, you can naturally avoid pests without using pesticides.


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